Champagne is flowing like a river, your vision’s pleasantly obscured
And all appears to be forever, and all appears to be assured
If cast or wooden, fate has made it for each one’s share to be a cross
Don’t ever promise a young maiden an everlasting love on earth
Bulat Okudzava, Russian Bard


Noisy merry wedding goes, stunned young people are sitting at the head of the table, they are almost not visible because of the mountains of all kinds of eat, snack, bottles. Guests say toasts, wishing  long and happy years of living together for young marrieds, wealth, children and other benefits. The parents of the bride and groom proudly glance at each other. Thamada pours out flashing jokes.

And everyone is in the excite of expecting a miracle –  it is what we waiting, another family is born, which, perhaps, can embody in their life  the dream of all of us – a long and happy life together, in love and harmony.

But sorry, not all. Somewhere a third of the guests carefully conceal discouragement and skepticism. These are those who have already visited  the happy and harmonious family life, those whose family boat already has crash into the reefs and sank yet. And may be in their life it was happened not just once but twice or more.

Did the astrology can help here? After all, they advertise this science as allowed foreseeing the difficulties in future and maybe astrologers knows the recipes how to avoid catastrophe? Even if they method not common and not in the frame of official science, if they can help not in 100% but just 40%, 30% cases – anyway it a very great number. Will they can save us?



Astrologers can say which day will be the best for the wedding. Of course, a simple choice of the date will not remove the contradictions that lie in the difference in views, upbringing, differences in temperaments, tastes and preferences of young people, but still, a good choice of date will smooth all this, or at least help to reduce the range of possible conflicts. It works becouse there is a million ways of fate and we can choose in real what way we will to start go. And little diference can act as a trigger posesses us avoid some difficulties like suddenly falled brick  from the roof. Good choice of wedding data and even moment for signing wedding contract can help avoid lot of such bricks. And astrologers have a methods to determine what moment is good and what moment is bad.

But the aim of this article is to show what astrological factors govern situations of divorce. What happen in the moment of relations break from astrological point of view.

Partnership and marriage is a theme of 7th astrological house. One must distinguish different kind of relations. If there a friendship without sexual intention it is a 11th house deal. If there a game, free relations without mutual conventions, its a 5th house. In 7th house partners are equal and there are some kind of conventions – clear or unclear but strong about what both partners should do and what they should not do. The key word of 7th house – interaction. When interaction (in any form) stops then pertnership breaks. Hence, we must account factors that interrupt interaction,




The mechanics of divorce could be caused by:

  • Obstacles, all sorts of walls, with which people are fenced off from each other. Pride, contempt, fear. This effects occur under influence of Saturn.
  • Incorrect focusing of attention – it seems we look like on the partner, but actually past. It coud be Neptune or bad Venus influence.
  • Too selfish position. Lack of balance of interests. Pressure on a partner, the suppression of his initiative

So, There is some “malefactors” that transit 7th house, or aspecting planets in 7th house, or aspecting rulers of 7th house can interrupt interaction betveen partners and cause divorce.

For example, if we take a “sun” houses, ie for Cancer, for example the 1st house is Cancer itself and 7th is Capricorn, than we can say for present moment that based on planet position on the sky:

  • Mars can cause conflicts in the Capriocorns family
  • Saturn can cause break of interaction in the Gemini’s family
  • Chiron can bring a parallel relations for Virgos
  • Uranus can cause sudden conflicts and burst-like divorce for Libra’s
  • Neptune can cause lie and betrayal of Virgo’s partners
  • Pluto can cause deep disappointment in marriage for Cancers

And so on.