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Igor I. Gainutdinov, author of this site,

Astrologer, PhD, Forecaster and Analyst

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Been studying astrology for more than 25 years. The range of issues to consider - relationships, personal and business situations, the forecast in the crisis situation, the analysis of the individual characteristics of your horoscope and more.

Fill out the form below on this page and send me your birth data and question.

In the reply letter I will ask additional questions and will tell you the cost of the consultation. 


Thank you! I received your letter and after a while I will write to you, ask clarifying questions and tell you about the terms of the consultation


I've been working in astrology for more than 25 years, and for this time I've solved thousands of different cases. I use almost all known for today astrological methods of horoscope analysis.


The recommendations that I give are individual. I strive to understand exactly your problem, for which I ask clarifying questions. The information received from you is kept secret, I do not publish customer data and details of their questions.


You can ask any number of clarifying questions. The consultation lasts until we understand and solve your problem. You always can easy find my personal pages in the web.