What can we say about sex and sexuality from astrology point of view? How to analyze the sexual horoscope.

The astrology of personality (that looking on the sexual horoscope also) is based on the persons  moment of the birth. The first sigh, the first cry starts the breath move and at this moment we “join” to life. This stress, explosion, flash is imprinted in our whole body, in our psyche and in our fine bodies. The imprint of the astral, fine configuration around us and in us at that moment is imprinted in us and serves as a key, doors from the outer to the inner, from this world to those.

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But also important, and perhaps more significant, is the moment of conception. There is a theory according to which the future child is embodied in the fetus at the time of the coition of the parents, being attracted to their sexual energy. This energy beckons him, and he, unable to resist the desire to live, the potency to be born, descends into a dense world.
The culmination of the process of conception is orgasm. And the release of energy during orgasm is precisely the magnetic, attractive force that forces us to descend from heaven to earth, making a great step  back to the real life.
Basic energy, its quality, temperament and other features of the future person depend on the quality of the energies released at the moment of orgasm. The child’s temperament reflects the passion of parents, their energy, emotional, sexual relations. Really, our horoscope is an our parents moment of love horoscope. Cool, really?

The moment of birth is a transition from comfort intrauterine   being  to an external life. This transition is imprinted at the time of the first sigh. The moment of conception is the transition from subtle material existence to dense being. And this moment is also imprinted, since it is accompanied by an orgasmic release of energy.

But, firstly, unfortunately, we rarely know exactly the moment of conception, no one makes love with the chronometer, pinning the exact time of the key orgasm. Secondly, this transition is quite subtle and its features, its influence lies much deeper than the influence of the moment of birth. Roughly speaking, a thin material key, the imprint of the moment of conception, has an influence on us at a level that is rarely analysed in mind and relates more to the spiritual sphere than to the sphere of manifested being. Therefore, the astrological analysis of this moment and of true sexual horoscope also is complicated.

Hence, one important conclusion follows: since we are incarnated due attraction by orgasm, by sexual energies, and not able or probably do not want to resist their power, that drives us along the path of unfolding a chain of causes and consecuences, we are not free in our origin in our basis, originally overshadowed by attachment to sexual Power engineering. In terms of Christianity, this is the original sin.

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Another conclusion – since we are not free in our life start, we are also not free from the craving for sexuality throughout our life. She beckons us and moves along the path of karma.
Third conclusion – for us, sex is closely related to our life as such, and orgasm for us is associated with the transition from that world to this. At the moment of orgasm we touch those other worlds and it reminds us of the moment of incarnation, on the one hand, and on the other – reminds us of another transition that awaits us at the end of our journey – about death.
Birth, death, orgasm – things worth very, very near.
Lack of freedom, affection, conditioning, karma – have one of the key starting points in our fundamental and universal not freedom from the forces that lead us to incarnation. In this sense, all people living on earth are initially on the same “spiritual level”. We all have the same flaw – we can not resist the sexual desire.

It will be objected to me that there are people who lead an ascetic life, or who keep chastity – as part of a vow. That by the end of life wisdom appears in us and we are no longer so free from sexuality. But who looked into the soul of those who keep their vows? Freedom from attraction is freedom from attraction but not overpower it. The elders are wise, but not because of the extinction of natural physiological sexuality? And I know a lot of people who are really old, but who despite the physical impossibility of entering into sexual contact, just like the young ones, “beat the hoof” and make horn sounds – may be only on a mental level – but nevertheless …

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The real freedom from sexuality is independence from incarnational forces. Not many can achieve this and who once achieve never born again.


Astrological factors of sexuality


It is impossible to distinguish a single key planet that governthe sexual life of a person and rule solely the sexual horoscope. We enter into sexual interaction by  whole our being, and  all of our features manifest themselves in it. At the moment of orgasm, we “explode” ourself totally, releasing all our possible energy potentials. And sex horoscope really mean love horoscope. Sex = love, no variants.

But in fact, in order to act integrallly, we need internal integrity. But really, in a mature life, inside of us is full of complexes, brakes, obstacles, frustrations, etc. We are crucified by these anchors in everyday life, we are chained to our preferences and complexes, and of course, we are unable merge fully and seamlessly in orgasmic energy release.

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Hence the feeling of fullness or incompleteness of life, hence the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with sexual life and relationships.
If nothing hindered us, we would ecstatically swim in our own kundalini, and it is the key to the moment of orgasm. But those walls, which we create in ourselves, do not allow us to be integrated here. But the scent of sexual release still attracts and we want completeness. We still want a total fusion.
Hence the whole problematic of sexuality – it is in fact a struggle between the desire for the total involvement of the whole being in an orgasmic outburst, and the internal barriers, anchors and brakes that we have developed to mature age from other hand.

What are we most afraid of? Right, it’s death. We invent a lot of tricks to avoid the thought of death, the thought that our life is finite, we are afraid even of hints about it. The theme of death is also tabooed in our society as well as the topic of sex. May be even more.

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But death and orgasm are close. And when we in orgasm, we are in contact with the same world, where we came from and where we are going. And if we horribly fear death, it is obvious that we are also afraid and avoid everything that reminds us of it. Including orgasm.
It turns out a ridiculous picture – we really want an orgasm, but we are frantically afraid of him.
Consequently, the issue of problems in sex is primarily a question of those factors of the natal chart that help us build internal walls and barriers.
On the other hand, this is a question of those factors that help us overcome barriers and walls.


The most powerful driver of sexuality is Mars. And he plays about the same role for both men and women, allowing them to  show active their personal energy in sexual interaction.

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Strong Mars – strong sexuality. Well formed desires, strong energy flows, and orgasmic emissions are correctly correlated with the value of the situation – i.e. are not destructively gigantic, but are not too weak.

It does not even matter whether Mars is struck by aspects, the power of his position is important.

Undoubtedly, Mars in Scorpio has the best potential here, since its activity in Scorpio is aimed at changes, overcoming barriers, transition to “nothing”, into the energy form of interaction.

Mars in Aries is also not bad – here he gives spontaneity, which does not care about restrictions. Strong, well-formed energy impulses.

It’s not bad for Mars in Sagittarius, the main thing is not to turn everything into vanity and turmoil.

Mars is not bad in Leo, giving the possibility of sustainable energy action.

Mars in water signs – Pisces and Cancer, is somewhat extinguished, its power is not so obvious. But in water for its operational activity there are less obstacles, and this Mars can  freely distributes and forms energy flows.

Mars in Capricorn is aristocraic and focused and can be used to fight against complexes, rules, norms and barriers effectively.

But in Taurus he has to work. To carry weights or dig a canals, and sexuality in this case is strongly combined with need of physical force. Nevertheless, such a Mars can learn to operate in the field of causes – to use a kind of psychoanalytic tricks to overcome barriers and obstacles. But, Mars is weak here, and physical weakness can greatly affect the quality of sexuality.

Mars in Virgo is probably one of the worst positions of Mars in terms of sexuality. A man with such a Mars all the time think that he is not sophisticated enough, that he does not know proper techniques, does not have the necessary experience. This leads to an underestimation of self value, especially for men.


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Something  is the truth here, Mars in Virgo really has to manifest itself in sex through honed, correct, almost professional actions. And for it  the level of skill and experience important.

In air signs, Mars is not very good. In Gemini its power is more likely to act  through into verbal activity and sexuality is more often concentrated in the plane of flirtation, being satisfied with the exchange of words. In Libra, Mars needs balance and consideration of the partner’s interests. And this creates obstacles for spontaneous energy emissions. In Aquarius, Mars is cold, the energy flows that are available to it are too weak to pierce the way through complexes and barriers to the essence of the matter-orgasm.

But with proper application, an airy Mars can ignite a fiery energy and then he acts as a provocateur rather than playing on his own energy.

The main frustrating agent is Saturn.

It acts in Scorpio hardestly, build  walls on the ways of transitions from dense to thin.

Saturn in all signs is engaged in the formation of barriers, but if its activity is superimposed on the weakness of Mars – the effect can be cumulative.

Here, on the contrary, the weaker the Saturn, the more labile the person in terms of exposure to sexual attraction. On the other hand, the lack of discipline leads to a rapid loss of basic vitality and a general decline in sexuality, as a consequence.

Saturn can cause formation of rigid blocks and person can search ways to penetrate through theese blocks by some pervert ways – for example by sado-maso plays, or something like it where the method of barriers overpower can be painful or destructive.

It can be some life principles, ethic norms, morale taboos etc in “soft” case or irrational blind fears or fobias in “hard” case.


Venus in the sexual relation acts as the filter – it makes a decision to start sexual interaction or not. Strong Venus (Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius) makes the right choices. Harmoniously interact with partner’s Mars, Venus opens the right doors for the Mars Energy, allowing to accumulate and correctly release orgasmic energy.

Weak Venus makes the choises not true, and often this leads to the disappointment with not occured expectations. The negatively affected Venus can participate in creating barriers, turning off the perception of the energy impulses of the partner.


Neptune plays a dual role. On the one hand, it certainly ensures the dissolution of all boundaries, barriers and obstacles, creating conditions for a powerful consolidation of energy during orgasm. On the other hand, the afflicted Neptune leads to waste of energy for empty efforts.

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Nevertheless, it is the influence of Neptune that can create a completely unique sexual relationship, which partners can not easily refuse. The fact is that under the influence of Neptune we easily confuse the truth, reality and our dreams. And under the influence of Neputy we see in our partner the ideal qualities. And besides, our sensations are filled with a delicate pleasure, from which it is difficult to refuse.
Negative here is that in the case of Neptune’s active influence on the relationship, partners can long stay in dreams about each other, not really trying to make real contacts.

Uranus when connected by  exact aspect with personal planets,  in sexual interaction creates sharp and vivid energy flashes. Any sexual relationship between people with the participation of Uranus – unusual and remain in memory for a long time. Orgasmic emissions under the influence of Uranus are high-amplitude, and extremely destructive for all kinds of barriers. Hence there is a certain danger of destroying those anchors that give stability to the psyche also.

Pluto in the case of precise connection with personal planets allows partners to deeply influence each other. But here there is a temptation to manipulate. Participation of Pluto provides an opportunity to overcome existing barriers, complexes, and so on. It allows you to take up very deep layers of energy, but there is a certain danger of distorting thin fields so that there will be consequences in the flow of external life events Pluto is a very valued power with ability to push a life to a new way. And ofcourse in sexual interaction it gives a some kind of “nuke” that coud be very dangerous but can provide an extremal power.

Lilith and Sexuality


Perhaps, Lilit in terms of sexuality is worth of a separate chapter. Its role in sexual horoscope is difficult to overestimate.

Lilith is the point of the Moon orbit, the most distant from the Earth. The Moon governs the way of life, the biopsychic state, the ordinary course of things. Accordingly – all the rules, customs, everyday commons governs by the Moon. Where the Moon is the most distant from the Earth – there is a some kind of clearance. A door that allows us to avoid rules and limits and gives some additional freedom and opportunities.

Ofcourse, in a situation of frustrated sexuality, people first of all try to realize their sexual needs with the help of this freedom. Because of it Lilith oftenly means in people mind something demonic, sexual.

Here it is even not particularly important where Lilith is located, it is important that it be in the aspect with something from the partner. Because the partner is also not free from complexes, and the opportunity to use emerging freedoms is also important for him.

Therefore, Lilit plays the role of a powerful activating sexual relations factor. But, since this is a point, not a planet, it does not operate with its own energy, it gives only the opportunity to manifest itself without limitations to other factors. When interacting with the partner’s planet, Lilith actually tempts with freedom, provokes. Acts in the role of the demoness about whom the ancient people spoke.

This feeling of freedom is oftenly false. Yes, here is a freedom to act, or rather, Lilith shows a way to bypass obstacles. But there is no a freedom to do anything you want without consequence if you do something wrong, karma will still count you ethic mistakes and catches you up – later, not now, but nevertheless. But at the moment of action over Lilith power, there can be quite a clear sense that there will no any punishments. Will be, but just later and not in an clearly obvious manner.


We examined in this article only the main influences of astrological factors on sexuality. It is clear that everything stated here is schematic, it is only a hint and a strong simplification of the real situation. But nevertheless, astrological analysis of sex, or love horoscope can give a outline, a basis for further reasoning, at least something firm in the waters of ocean of feelings that can be used as starting point in further reflections.